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From jackhammers and pumps to saws and cement mixers, Taunton Rental Center is your one-stop shop for all things equipment rental. Contact us for more information.

4 hour8 hour
Cement Mixer 2 cu.ft. Electric-40.70
Cement Mixer, Towable 6 cu.ft.gas46.2071.50
Compactor, 18" Plate 5hp57.2079.20
Generator, 2500 Watt35.2055.00
Generator, 5000 Watt44.0071.50
Pneumatic Nailer, Framing-30.80
Pneumatic Nailer, Flooring L Nails-34.10
Pneumatic Nailer, Flooring Staples-34.10
Pneumatic Nailer, Finish Nails 30.80
Pnuematic Nailer, Roofing-34.10
Pressure Washer, 4400psi cold water55.0077.00
Wall Paper Steamer-26.40

* Prices subject to change without notice

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